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FAQ for the Original U.S. Congress Handbook

  • Q: Why purchase the Original U.S. Congress Handbook?

    A: Published since 1974 it is the longest running and most comprehensive Congressional directory available.
  • Q: When is the 118th Congress, 2nd Session, 2024 Edition published?

    A: The custom versions of the 2024 edition books will be available in March 2024 and the retail editions will be available in May 2024.
  • Q: What is your publishing schedule?

    A: We want to provide our customers with the most accurate and complete Congressional directory available. During years that fall on the 1st Session of Congress, we print in March. This allows us to include complete Committee and staff assignments, not always available at an earlier date. During years that fall on a 2nd Session of Congress, we publish in mid-February.
  • Q: My organization is holding a legislative lobby day prior to the publish date. What should I do?

    A: Please contact us at 240-753-0941 to speak with one of our representatives about advanced publication copies.
  • Q: Should I choose the alphabetical organization or the state organization for the layout?

    A: Both versions have indexes that provide easy access to the profiles either way- so it’s really not a big choice. The state edition is generally more popular particularly if you or your members or associates are primarily interested in the representatives of specific states.
  • Q: I want to personalize my copies. Is there a minimum unit requirement?

    A: Any orders over 100 units can be personalized for your organization. Please call 240-753-0941 or email for more information.
  • Q: Do you offer the US Congress Handbook as an online resource?

    A: Yes, it is available online with even more information than we could fit in the book. Visit to schedule a demo of Legis1.
  • Still have questions? Feel free to call us at 240-754-0941 or email us at