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Inside each handbook you will find...

  • Detailed Member profiles including biographies and committee assignments
  • Full-color photos of members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices, and executive branch officials
  • Color-coded party affiliation key  each profile prominently displays party affiliation
  • Key staffer contacts including  chiefs of staff, legislative directors, schedulers, and press secretaries
  • Pronunciation guide name pronunciations for each profile help you make a great impression every time
  • Executive branch, Cabinet and Supreme Court listings including biographies
  • Full-color state profiles including Governor photos, contact information, and the newest congressional district maps
  • Detailed maps of Capitol Hill, the Senate and House office buildings, downtown Washington, DC and Metro system maps

State Edition- The State Edition lists Members by state delegation starting with the Governor, Senators and then Congressmen.

Alpha Edition- The Alpha Edition lists each Member by last name.

Top Uses for The
U.S. Congress Handbook

  • A daily tool in the workplace
  • An educational resource in schools and libraries
  • An easy-to-use guide for fly-ins and grassroots advocates
  • A personalized gift for clients, staff and executives visiting Washington
  • A thank you gift for PAC donors


  • Details: Full-color interior with glossy cover. Spiral bound.
  • Size: 4×9 inches
  • Customize IT!: Choose from a variety of different covers and add your logo and custom inserts

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Alpha State
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2024 Alpha Edition
118th Congress 2nd Session Available Now
2024 State Edition
118th Congress 2nd Session Available Now
2023 Alpha Edition
118th Congress 1st Session
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2023 State Edition
118th Congress 1st Session
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