Are you (or is someone in your office) responsible for those challenging ‘Grassroots Advocacy 101’ trainings? Keeping people engaged and awake on the subject of advocacy can seem nearly impossible.  If you want to solve that problem, read on.

You want to get people interested in advocacy. You want to be sure they have great meetings with legislators. But bringing in a professional advocacy trainer may not be the best choice for your organization. Maybe you don’t have the budget. Or you want to build capacity for in-house training. Or you just don’t think it’s necessary. 

If that’s the case, this new workshop, How to Deliver an Effective (and Memorable) Advocacy Training may be for you.

Stephanie Vance, the Advocacy Guru at Advocacy Associates, has over 15 years of experience in training thousands of advocates in how to, well, advocate!  And now she’s willing to share those secrets with you. Learn from the professional trainer used by groups like the American Library Association, the National Association of REALTORS and the National Stroke Association. Through this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Apply your own personal style to an effective training.
  • Increase audience interaction through role-playing and other engagement techniques.
  • Transfer in-person training strategies to webinars.
  • Prepare advocates to deliver the policy message in the right way.
  • Reduce the ‘intimidation’ factor.
  • Help advocates understand the reality of Capitol Hill – from meeting with staff to meeting in hallways to walking to a vote.
  • How to use ‘modules’ to manage multiple session lengths – everything from 45 minutes to 3 hours.
  • Integrate humor to keep people awake.
  • Incorporate pre- and post-event webinars to boost effectiveness during the meetings – and beyond.
  • All the things NOT to say and do in your training.

All participants will receive:

  • Template power points you can customize for your own use.
  • Template handouts for advocates to use when preparing their messages.
  • A step-by-step guide for putting together your own training, with agendas for sessions from 45 minutes to 3 hours.

 Don't wait, register for this learning packed event today. 

Conference Details:
When: April 17, 2015
12:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Where: Advocacy Associates
1030 15th St NW, Ste 750 West, Washington, DC 20005
$299 includes half day training session, all materials and light lunch.
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